Saturday, 28 April 2012

We rule the world: Economics

The true story of globalization and economics that they didn't teach you. Its not just the corporations...Its also the economic jackals...Scene take 1! 

Economic Hit Men

Causes of Globalization The Butterfly Effect

"I've given all I can, its still not enough I've given all I can, But we're still on the payroll
That's what you get, That's What you get, That's what you get when you mess with us"
   -Radiohead "Karma Police"

Monday, 23 April 2012

Beauty of African Women

A Response to the Swedish Cake and cultural minister's mocking grin. And a long overdue photo gallery of beautiful African Women from Africa and the Diaspora. Enjoy and appreciate.

Liberian school girls



African American

Ancient Egyptian

The iconic woman toting a load on her head-West Africa

Cynthia McKinney on left with Palestinian woman 

Haitian Priestess

Viola Davis

Liberian woman

Cynthia McKinney

Carnival across the 

Haitian Revolution and woman


Mother and child-Haiti

Senegalese woman


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Liberian solutions to Liberia's Problem

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in black and orange hair tie and dress on far left listens to citizens offer their recommendations and solutions for developing Liberia.

As part of a new weekly series on news from the African continent, Ignoring Occupation will be looking at positive developments taking place in Africa. To start the series off: We shall begin with Liberia's Vision 2030 national development plan. Liberians coming together to discuss and coming up with positive and practical solutions to the current problems that face the West African country of Liberia. For those who do not know or have already forgotten, Liberia has sprang back from the devastating and brutal Civil War that literally destroyed every inch of the country and its infrastructure. The country has enjoyed nearly 10 years of peace which is a good sign for the nation's children and future generations. :) The capital city Monrovia is currently from what I've read and heard is experiencing a reconstruction boom. There is currently a government sponsored plan underway across the country titled Liberia Vision 2030. As with other countries across Africa including Kenya, Malawi, etc, Liberia is looking at how it can maintain its peace and get on with moving itself forward. Below is one of several articles on solutions Liberians themselves have recommended that the government implement as part of a final plan to Liberia's economic, infrastructural and sanitation problems. one of several from the Liberian Press that follows the Delegate meetings taking place in the various counties across the country. Rarely does Western media ever look at Liberians and other Africans offering genuine solutions to the problems facing their nations. Its usually a white European or American who is seen (especially in Western media) as the mastermind to solving solutions for said countries. However in Liberia, its Liberians who are well aware of their situation and are taking command in developing long term peace and stability for themselves. 

Liberia border the Atlantic Ocean along its Western coast and borders Ivory coast in Southeast, Guinea in the Northeast and Sierra Leone in the North. Liberia is a little larger than The Netherlands.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tourists Make Historic Visit To War-Ravaged Liberia

Some good news from West Africa.
Tourists are slowly but surely will be visiting Liberia in the near future.

About the title: That should be post war or better yet Liberia.
Ahhhh...Is it by accident or coincidence that the cruiseship just so happens to be named National Geographic Explorer? And the tourists are dressed in sarfari gear? Cliches anyone?

Article below compliments of NPR (National Public Radio) All Things Considered

Liberia has been better known for conflict than tourism the past couple of decades.
But this week, a group of 150 tourists, many of them Americans, arrived for a brief stay in the small nation on Africa's West Coast. When their cruise liner docked in the capital of Monrovia, they became the largest group of tourists to visit the country in many years, probably since the 1970s.
Dock workers in Monrovia usually unload cargo ships full of secondhand clothes or rice — not a cruise ship full of American tourists.
In a perverse kind of way, the Somali pirates have done West African tourism a bit of a favor. It's strange to put it that way, but a number of ships that would otherwise be in the Indian Ocean are now on the West African coast because of piracy.
That's why the visitors on the National Geographic Explorer cruise liner Monday attracted so much attention. A dance troupe performed for them, officials from the ministries waved from the docks, and Vice President Joseph Boikai joined them for dinner.
Read  more at the link here: Tourists return to Liberia

Friday, 6 April 2012

Map of New Middle East

Sometimes I wonder what all the fighting and war is all about.