Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Big Oil Boss goes to Washington

ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson at the Atlantic Institute

For all the talk and promises of "Draining the Swamp," a phrase that itself has a negative connation because of history, President elect Trump is packing his administration and advisors with all kinds of Wall Street people. Trump himself is no stranger to Wall Street and has been friends and buddies with CEOS of Corporations who could careless about their employees let alone the larger American society.  As long as their respective corporations and multinational companies keep churning money and the employees do not complain too much about their salaries.

Rex Tillerson considered for U.S. Secretary of State

Among his latest pick is Texan Rex Tillerson the CEO of ExxonMobil for U.S. Security of State. The name is appropriate. Rex in Latin means King. Tillerson is no king of the company. He has been with the company all his life from university until now, literally working from the bottom of the company to the top. He started at the company in 1975 when Exxon and Mobil were still two separate entities. While Tillerson might represent the stereotypical Texas oil tycoon minus the cowboy imagery, he insists that he has the business experience that would compensate for his lack of diplomatic skills. He is no George W. Bush Jr either.

Tillerson interview with Charlie Rose 2013

ExxonMobil has experienced a few questionable and outright shady events concerning fracking and pollution in several towns across Louisiana among them Baton Rogue oil refinery fire. It is one of the largest refineries in the United States. Local Baton Rogue environmental groups blamed EXxon's poor facility maintenance as one of the main causes of the refinery fire. Exxon is perhaps still remembered for the ExxonValdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska on Good Friday March 24, 1989. Exxon is not the only big oil company to be blamed for environmental disasters. Colonial Pipeline, the largest oil pipe lining product in the U.S. was also at fault a few months ago for an oil explosion that killed one person and caused damage to Shelby, Alabama. The explosion caused gas prices to spike and the fire lasted for a few days that was finally put out on November 1st. There was also the unforgivable BP (British Petroleum) disaster that affected the poorest states Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana that is still affecting local people. Many families of oil workers and oil spill cleaners are suffering from chemical sickness ranging from rashes, respiratory problems and skin peelings five years later. The fishing businesses and wildlife continue to suffer to this day. Louisiana relies on fishing for its livelhood. Louisiana cuisine is famous for its stews, meats and seafood particulary the crayfish. The oil workers and their families and local people affected by the explosion and pollution will never forget ExxonMobil, BP or Colonial Pipeline.

America's Gulf Oil Spill Cover up Journeyman Pictures (2010)

It's about the Oil Pipelines

The mainstream media networks and geopolitical pundits have only focused on Tillerson's supposed personal connection to Putin. Like Trump, Tillerson is seen as more of "Putin's pick" for U.S. government and not Trump's own choice alone. The pundits wrongly believe and insist to the heavens that Russia is solely responsible for hacking the U.S. elections. That Trump's victory is by default Putin's victory. The accusation alone is mind blowing and makes no sense. It not only brings up the question of why Russia would even want to tamper with U.S. elections to point of assuring Trump victory. But the whole "Russia hacked the U.S. elections" is not true. There is no evidence for it. It is true that Russia is perhaps one of the few countries that doesn't annoy Trump. The president elect has a quite relaxed attitude to Russia in general. Tillerson also appears to be chilled in his previous oil dealings with Russia. He is a businessman by trade and like Trump, Tillerson understands the importance of putting business before anything else. He's been doing it most of his life. Being a petroleum industry insider Tillerson will tend to do business with countries that have lucrative oil pipelines flowing with sweet crude. Russia has access to the strategic oil pipelines in Baku, Azerbaijan and Turkey Cephan pipeline. Plus Russia has one of the largest oil companies Gazprom exporting oil to most of Europe. This includes Gazprom's oil exports to Western Europe too. If anything Tillerson would want to avoid the geopolitics and turn a deaf ear to foreign policy criticisms to keep ExxonMobil's trade deals with Russian oil companies intact. He is not the first or last oil CEO to do so. Tillerson's final hurdle before he even sets foot at the Department of State will be to pass the senate confirmations in January. If he survives that, he'll be on his way to being secretary of state. If he is not picked, the victims of oil spills and refinery explosions will be relieved.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Marrekesh Climate Change Summit COP 22, Moroccan beauty and Great Green Wall

Morocco and its place in the world. A kingdom for the last thousand years, Morocco is in Africa. North Africa to be exact. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to its West and Canary Islands. To the South is the occupied country of Western Sahara, to East is Algeria and South east is Mauritania. To Morocco's North is Spain and Corsica.

Marrakesh, the historical and famous city in Morocco is currently hosting COP 22 short for the Conference of Parties on Climate Change. The North African country has been dealing with its own climate change and is currently home to one of the largest solar power farms in Africa. The Sahara Desert is expanding south below Senegal, Mali and Chad. Many African countries are facing climate changes. Flooding and coastal erosion are huge problems in countries such as Liberia, Sudan, Senegal, South Africa and Ethiopia. Drought has historically been a reoccurring problem for many  countries from East to West and North to South. Johannesburg, South Africa's largest metropolis just experienced one of the worst flash flooding in years that swallowed thousands of homes, destroyed bridges, highways and left many people homeless and stranded. Major African leaders are currently in Marrakesh to attend COP 22. Also in attendance is outgoing UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who hoping that climate change will be at the top of many country's agenda. Among the African leaders at Marrakesh are Uhuru Kenyetta Kenyan Prez and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia.

International Festival of Culture and Language Senegal and Morocco

Morocco and Senegal are ancient neighbours. Both countries share centuries old trade and diplomatic relations going back 500 years. Senegalese Islam and some architectures was influenced by Morocco and Morocco by Senegal. Outside Senegal, the Moroccan government has been reaching out to its other West African neighbours lately as part of its push to revive Moroccan interest in the wider African continent. Morocco is not part of the African Union although Moroccan history, culture and language is tied to Africa. It was originally kicked out of the African Union in for its illegal occupation of Western Sahara, the last remaining colony on the African continent.
Senegal and 10 other Saharan countries have been working on the Great Green Wall in Widou, Senegal to stop the spread of desertification from heading south towards Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and DR Congo. At least once a year, West Africa experienced mini sandstorm wind known as the hammatan winds that travel from the sahara to the cities and towns south of Senegal and Mali. 

Great Green Wall Al Jazeera

Morocco is known around the world for being a beautiful country. It has been featured in many movies, TV series and documentaries on Africa and the Middle East. Many authors and travellers of the past and present have commented on Moroccan beauty. Moroccan cuisine is a blend between African, Asia and slightly European. Most famous being the Coucous and targine. While the architecture and mountains is unique. There is also the cities of Tangier, Fez and Casablanca, Essouia not to forget movie studios. Marrekesh is famous for its ancient city, Jemaa el fna markeplace which led to the launch of UNESCO in 1980s (Jemaa is a UNESCO World Heritage site), its non political local culture and traditions going back to Almorovids and even before Islam. That's why Marrekesh was chosen because it is apolitical and more cultural and friendly face of Morocco.

Fidel Castro Ultimate Political Survivor

A pain in the butt for the U.S., Castro became the boogeyman of U.S. Latin American policy for more than half a century. Soon after the 1959 Revolution, Cuban government launched an anti-literacy campaign Alfabetizacion across the country especially in Rural Cuba to completely eradicate illiteracy in Cuba by sending armies of teachers to educate millions of Cubans who didn't have access to schools or substandard education. Today, Cuba's literacy rate is 99.8% and every citizen has access to school. Following the philosophy of global solidarity, Cuba exports specialized doctors to neighboring countries and around the world also provides financial and educational support to doctors from across the developing world to study at the Medical School of the Americas in Cuba. Still Castro is condemned as a dictator by the United States and Western countries.

The Real Life old man and the Sea. Castro with Ratzinger

This time the news is for real. The world is shocked. Fidel Castro Ruz died on November 25, 2016 at the age of 90 years old. He died so far from natural causes. It would make him one of the last remaining revolutionary leaders from the early days of the Cold War era. Curiously, he died 3 days after the 53rd anniversary of JFK's death on November 22. For decades the tabloids have jokingly and falsely reported that Castro had died some years back. However, the reports proved to be false. Fidel Castro's death was announced yesterday by the younger Castro brother Raul. First through Cuban state media than carried across the world by international media. The Cuban exiles in Miami, Florida (who celebrated his death with joyful cheers and flag waving) have always seen Fidel as an unending oozing wound in their sides for more than 50+ years. The exiles were so sure that Fidel would croak soon enough.
       As history would have, Fidel Castro has become the ultimate political survivor. He has lived through 11 U.S. presidencies, outlive six American presidents, also witnessed 6 papal conclaves beginning with Pope John 23rd in 1958 and ending with the current Pope Francis. He and the Cuban government aided many African liberation movements throughout the 1960s-1980s beginning with Congo to Eritrea. Most of his allies of the Cuban Revolution and 1960s anti colonial independence movements are all gone including Muamar Gaddafi. Even Castro's recent strongest ally Hugo Chavez couldn't outlast him. Castro has lived long enough to see himself become a mythical figure and a legendary icon. He has also witnessed the reopening of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. Not to mention that Castro never broke from standing up to the United States and imperialism. Even up to his last week. Castro has driven the CIA insane over his ability to cheat death on multiple occasions. Even more rare, Castro was able to meet with the more popular popes John Paul II, Ratzinger and Francis.

CCTV News: Castro was a Liberation Icon in South Africa

The man had friends and supporters all around the world. They are all saluting and consider him a lasting inspiration in the same vain as Che, Simon Bolivar, Patrice Lumumba, Nelson Mandela, etc. Giants in their own right. The die-hard revolutionaries, decolonization writers, artists, fighters, intellectuals, separatist movements, the veterans and heroes of the liberation and independence movements in Angola and South Africa who received help and back up from Cuban soldiers many Afro-Cubans. Cuba is respected for fighting against the apartheid regimes in South African, Angola, Naimba and providing support for Eritrean Liberation Front against Ethiopia in 1970s. Inside Cuba and outside, many ordinary people have playfully regarded Castro has immortal.

Castro and Che with (back turned)

Castro as a teen playing basketball

He survived the 1959 guerilla war along with his right hand man Che Gueverra (died in 1967) that turned into 1959 Cuban Revoluton that overthrew the hated dictator Fulencio Batista. He next survived the 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion, a U.S. back invasion where hundreds of Cuban exiles were used in hopes of creating an American style Democracy on the island. He traded through the ongoing U.S. embargo on Cuba. So far, the embargo is the only thing that Castro couldn't beat. The CIA tried to assassinate him over the last 50+ years to no avail. Castro managed to survive 600+ assasination attempts. A world record that has not been repeated by any world leader since. Castro is also one of the longest ruling leaders (1959-2008) that is not a monarch. The onslaught of propaganda and the U.S.' negative outlook on Cuban revolution couldn't shake Castro's popularity in Cuba and across the Third World. He was one of the earliest revolutionary leaders to be vilifed and demonized as a terrorist, madman, a permanent thorn in the side of the U.S. government and American Empire, an existential threat to the U.S., a Soviet puppet and a Communist boogeyman bent on world domination. Castro knows what it is like to be hated beyond reason. Heaven forbid the Global South see an inspiration in Cuban Revolution and the benefits of Cuba's 1960 Literacy campaign and one of the best healthcare systems in the world built with less resources than many wealthy countries. Inside Cuba, Castro was both admired and hated. He was also an enigma.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Global Reactions to Trump's transition

UKIP leader Nigel Farage (Right) met with Donald Trump at his residence in the Trump Tower in New York City on Nov 13th. Farage has been the most supportive of the now president elect Trump from last year when Farage made a cameo visit to Mississippi following the Brexit vote. Farage is hoping to work with Trump on U.S.-UK relations. Keep in mind Farage is NOT the Prime Minister of Britain.

As national protests continue around the United States, the world has continued to react to Trump's win and now ongoing transition into the White House right before Inauguration Day. From Asia to Africa and Europe and Latin America, many politicians and ordinary people are voicing their justified concerns about the future of Donald Trump's Presidency and what it means for Americans.

Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte welcomes Donald Trump Presidency

The future of what a Trump Presidency may look like might resemble the Philippines' current President Rodrigo Duterte who is a near mirror image of Trump. He recently congratulated Trump on his win. Prior to becoming Filipino President, Duerte served as the mayor of Davao City in the southern province of Mindanao. Like Trump, Duerte says what is on his minds, rambles on during press conferences, cracks crude jokes and has taunted President Obama and declared that he was going to cut Phillipines' ties to the United States and do away with multiple U.S. military bases on the islands. He is leaning towards China like many non aligned countries. He has a no nonsense approach to handling major issues and problems in Manila and elsewhere across the Philippines: zero tolerance. Duerte has launched his own War on Drugs across the country to combat anyone connected to the drug trade in the cities and towns. His administration has gone so far as to purposely kill hundreds of innocent people connected. This is something Duterte himself has admitted to unapologetically. He also stressed the importance of fighting terrorism including the ongoing Bangso Moro insurgency in Mindanao, one of the Philippines' longest running local insurgency that has been incorrectly linked to the Global War on Terrorism. Many Southeast Asian countries are struggling with an underground drug trade. Phillipines have been struggling with Crystal meth epidemic and other naroctics for 2 decades and have jailed thousands of ordinary citizens. specifically in Myanmar with the Golden Triangle trade, poppies that are grown in Afghanistan and in Southern Thailand with its own lesser known southern insugency.

 Indonesians worried about Trump's post election win

Next door, Phillipines' larger neighbour Indonesia is worried over Trump's election win. Being the world's largest Muslim country, ordinary Indonesians have already braced themselves for Trump's impending Muslim ban policy. Trump hasn't made a larger effort to call .

How Trump was elected: Slovenian Philospher Slavoj Žižek breaks down US elections

Anti Obama Protest in Greece: President Obama's final overseas trip is met by protest 

Greeks protest in Athens during Obama's visit Nov 15, 2016

Greeks are still asking Obama to explain how Trump got elected and if he is somewhat responsible.

Global Right Wing nationalists are elated

No other group appears to be enthralled by Trump's transition than the Right Wing in the United States and Europe. America's oldest terrorist group the KKK or Ku Klux Klan have again applauded Trump and even endorsed him in the official group's newspaper the Crusader. The Trump Campaign has decried the move and downplayed the newspaper endorsements. Other smaller right wing groups and news channels such as Fox News and Breitbart have been excitedly looking forward to Trump's entrance into the White House.

Understanding Trump: Rise of the Far Right in American & Europe

Marine Le Pen on Trump's win and her own future presidential runs

 Across the Atlantic, European Far Right has been following the aftermath of the U.S. elections with a "I told you so" congratulations for Trump's victory. Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP and long time campaigner for the successful Brexit vote, has welcomed the news. Farage is also the first British politician to visit Trump since last week's U.S. elections. had even made a surprise stopover in Jackson, Mississippi during Trump's earlier campaign days in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit to emphasize the need for United States' to move away from the status quo of the "establishment" and embrace political change via Trump. In France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front Nationale, has also send her congratulations. She has repeated that the French people are fed up with the socialist government and the EU that has done little to help alleviate austerity measures or crippling trade deals. Le Pen is looking forward to next year's national elections for French Prime Minister. Alongside France, th Czech Republic is expecting to hold their own presidential elections while Germany is gearing up for parliament elections. Alternative for Germany is a popular Far Right political party. PEGIDA, another right wing political group has been successful in organizing hundreds of thousands of ordinary Germans against new immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers while promoting a Fortress Europe and Germany under attack. Catalonia is also awaiting it's second Independence Referendum to separate from Spain once and for all. In Poland, right wing nationalists marched across the country to commemorate Poland's own independence day from the Soviet Union in 1991. Nationalism and xenophobia has been rising in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and famously in Hungary. It has given the local far right nationalist groups equal boost in local elections and popular support among ordinary citizens of their respective countries.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

USA the people already want an end to Trump regime

Not your mama's protest: Pinta Effigy of Trump with a noose around its neck featured at one of the anti-Trump protest in Columbus Circle in New York City. Photo originally published on Naija News Rave.

Following the meeting between President Obama and President elect Trump on Wednesday, he stated his top priorities once he entered office. Among the priorities are immigration, borders and healthcare. Trump will also begin the long task of picking some 800 posts as part of his cabinet and White House team. It is no longer a shock that there is such a backlash against President elect Donald Trump. It will continue throughout his presidency. Post election protests across the country has become more common around the world. It is no different in the United States. The country is not immune to political fracasos. Recently Ukraine's Maidan and Egyptian commander Abdel Fattah al Sisi's presidential election in 2013. Hong Kong protests following the pro independence movement's push for more autonomy and less Beijing influenced elections. Brexit comes to mind and it is used as the most current example of mass protests via votes and protests. Unlike the 2000 elections when former President George W. Bush entered the White House, the night-time protests around the United States are far more intense but peaceful. Donald Trump was not a popular choice among any political saavy and non political people. Despite President Obama calling on Americans to come together for unity and respect America's "peaceful transition of power," ordinary Americans aren't having it. The media too has been harping on the peaceful transition of power not mentioning much about how the United States interrupts other nations' peaceful transitions of power via CIA coups, lopsided elections, wars of democracy, proxy wars and overthrowing leaders that don't comply with American exceptionalism or U.S. interests. Nor leaders who don't fit into the real politik of Washington Consensus and NATO. Many people are still trying to piece together the How of Trump's electoral victory.

Trump responded to Thursday's protest in Portland, Oregon by saying via Twitter the "protesters are being very unfair." He also argued that the media is inciting the anti-Trump protesters. Fox News and other independent media right wing channels have also pointed to an accusing finger at the mainstram media ie MSNBC, CNN and even the Democratic Party itself for encouraging the protesters after Hillary Clinton's campaign slogans of "Love Trumps Hate." Fox News has instantly labelled the protesters as "Liberal and anarchist protesters."

Tonight's Anti-Trump protest in Portland that include people shouting, throwing flares and smashing store front windows are now being called by the Portland police as "a riot." Riots generally involve heavy use of violence and physical assaults against protesters and buildings. Portland and Oakland's protesters have mostly been peaceful and involved shouting against Trump and marching on the highways. Protests are also happening in Denver, New York (originally organized by Socialist Alternative) and NYC is also Trump's birthplace, San Francisco where high school pupils walked out yesterday and today in anger. Protesters are emphasizing that the marching and chanting are mostly focused on respect to for all Americans and to fight against hate. This is minus the curses aimed at Trump.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Turkey, the Coup that wasn't

Crosstalk Debate on Turkish Coup

Last Saturday, Turkey survived a long overdue coup that failed before it even began in Ankara and Istanbul. In the last 50 years, Turkey has witnessed four coups, in 1950, 1977, 1980 and the most recent in 1999. The Turkish military has played a significant role in the past coups as it sought to gain political power. In the 1970s and 80s, the Turkish military was part of the lesser known Turkish Civil War against Turks belonging to trade unions, human rights activists, socialists and left wing parties and Turkish Kurds in Kurdish parts of Turkey which is mostly in the East of the country along the border with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria and Iran. The Turkish military had been used to brutal counter terrorism operations against the Kurds even before the United States' declared a War on Terrorism in 2001. Long before the 1991 Gulf War, Turkish government was condemning terrorism against the state and using harsh security measures to keep the public quiet on politics and anti-government criticism. Since coming to power in 2002, the current Turkish President Teyip Erdogan (who served as Prime Minister for 11 years) has also been using a combination of anti-terrorism laws, right wing politics, security state and fear to keep the public and journalists from criticising Turkey's own War on Terrorism aka War against the Kurds (both civilians and PKK, YPG in the name of fighting terror and keeping Turkey safe). Now some 10,000+ suspected supporters of the coup have been detained by Turkish policy and treated as enemies of the state in kind.

Sudan ongoing doctors' protests across the country

While the world is still shell shocked by the shocking win of Donald Trump to the U.S. Presidency, most of the world is still going on about their business. In Sudan, doctors and medical staff have been protesting for two months in Khartoum, Atbarah, Port Sudan, Wadi Halfa, Kordofan and other cities and smaller towns. Protests are also ongoing in West Darfur. The nationwide protest began as a doctors' strike in response to unsanitary working conditions inside several government run Sudanese hospitals and the lack of medical equipment for doctors and medical staff to treat their patients. Several doctors have been detained for over a month by National Intelligence Security Services. The detainees' fellow doctors have held vigils and protested outside the various police departments for their colleagues to be release immediately.

The doctors' protests are part of larger national protests against Sudanese government's current austerity measures that have cut necessary social services while rising commodity and fuel prices for the past several months. Electricity shortage are also a frequency occurrence across Sudan even in he capital Khartoum lately. Any time fuel or food prices rises it leads to protests rather it be in Egypt which was the basis for the 2011 revolution or in Khartoum. The same goes in other African countries such as . Among the opposition parties that have long been repressed and jailed by the Sudanese government is Sudanese Communist Party. The SCP have called for civil disobedience by many Sudanese in Khartoum to be unafraid in standing up for their rights and to end government abuses that have been ratcheted up over the past months. The government have been pushing for economic reform while constructing massive dam projects solve the electricity shortage. Yet the new reforms are unpopular with the majority of ordinary Sudanese people since it doesn't take the people's crucial needs into account. Nor were the people consulted first for a more inclusive and holistic bottom to top economic reforms.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Trump Presidency no it's not a Dream

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff. This will be the first time since 1928 that the Republicans have control of the White House and Congress.

No you are not dreaming. This is not a hilarious late night comedy show skit. No you aren't drunk and your ears and eyes are NOT playing tricks on your mind. The pundits and journalists have not made a miscall or wrote typos. It has happened and there's no recount vote or double check that could correct what is happening. Donald Trump, the joker of every late night comedian, the one who polls could not predict winning any primary let alone huge votes, has won the Presidency of the United States. Until last night's elections, the mainstream media, the pundits and geopolitical analysts swore on their parents' common sense that there was no way in Heaven and Hell that Donald Trump would win the White House. Hillary Clinton had all the polls on her side, Wall Street and global markets were betting on her landslide victory. Clinton supporters, Democrats and anti Trump Republicans were so relaxed with a sure Hillary Clinton victory that people were celebrating ahead of time. Clinton had even stashed a huge amount of fireworks to celebrate her assured victory. Ordinary people were  visiting the grave of Susan B Anthony until the late night in a posthumous salute to her and the fight for voting rights for women. Her gravesite was covered with "I Voted" stickers. It seems that the United States would finally join the rest of the world in having a female leader.

When the Southeast except for Virginia went to Trump, the media said it was luck. Not coincidental. The Southeast tends to be Republican and often swings Red. Millions of Americans the world are wondering how in the universe could the United States vote in a known nationalist (borderline fascist), misogynist, racist, narcissist millionaire and attention grabbing media tycoon. Despite Trump's scandals and disrespect for women, white women and the suburban women voted for Trump to the shock of Democrats, Clinton supporters and women rights activists. Now, half of Americans are still overcoming their shock and numbness especially in the West Coast and North east. The mood from Clinton HQ flipped from pure joy to one of a solemn memorial service.

Reaction of Clinton Supporters during election night

But after Trump won Ohio, the rest of country fell like a house of cards.  With the exception of Clinton's wins of California, Nevada, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, parts of Main, New Hampshire and Vermont, all of New England region plus New York and its brother New Jersey, DC and Maryland, all of the States turned Red. That is 2/3 of the country. Even Utah, that the pundits and polls predicted would go to the popular independent candidate and local Utahan Evan McMullam swung to Trump and the remaining votes of 44% broke evenly between Clinton and McCullum. Even the key states were switched to Trump at the last minute. John Snow and Wolf Blitzer on CNN spent the night calculating Democrat vs Republican votes by counties on each electoral map. Fox News was visibly happy but muted their celebrations. Meanwhile MSNBC couldn't believe what was going on. Neither could BBC and RT News. Independent American and wider global media are equally shocked. Trump billed himself as an anti-establishment "outside the beltway" leader, who fights for the industrial and coal mining workers. But it was his promises relating to economic revival of the Rust belt, preaching a protectionist economic policy while pushing aside trade deals such as NAFTA and the highly unpopular TTIP=Trans Pacific Partnership doing away with a lot of ObamaCare and a harsh and strict immigration policy. One constellation is Trump will be heading to court for fraud over his Trump university. Another possible trial would be for another gruesome crime: alleged child rape.

Kalw Radio: Discussion on Clinton and the Left's direction

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

American elections global views

Political mudslinging by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the exhausting elections. By Sean Delonas. First published at

Now American voters have their blood pressures hiting the roof and their hearts pulsing more than usual, Tomorrow November 8th, 2016, Americans will go to the polls to decide between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The world is watching the election with opened eyes, ears and minds. Just like the U.S., many international viewers are undedicated, bemused and are wondering who in the world will the United States choose as president. Many countries are biting their nails, crossing their fingers and toes and praying to higher being who could bring relief to the United States' current anxiety. From Asia to Africa and Europe, the U.S. elections has become a joke as much as a testament to anxiety.

Kenyan Journalist on the U.S. elections 

Chinese interest in U.S. elections from Beijing

How China reports on the elections

Secret World of U.S. Elections: Julian Assange Interview with John Pilger

Donald Trump, America's African President

Daily Show with Trevor Noah compares Trump's personality with that of some African leaders and presidential candidates on the continent 

How Mexico is covering the U.S. elections

Russian boogeyman blamed for hacking the elections without no evidence 

Ever since Donald Trump said he would get a long with Putin if president, the mainstream media around the U.S. has made Russia and Vladmir Putin into public enemies of the U.S. Not only that, the media has gone further to say that Russia is somehow interfering by hacking the DNC, helping to release thousands of Clinton emails and might potentially intimidate voters at the poll. All of these claims are false and egregious. Why would Russia want to go to great lengths to screw up the U.S. elections? Putin would have no reason to support such sabotage. He has said that the U.S. is not a banana republic for such things to happen. The U.S. has constantly intervened and made sure that global elections produce world leaders that would be loyal to U.S. and its interests at the expense of ordinary peoples. 

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Russian Hacker story effecting the U.S. elections

Who needs evidence? RT News on Russian hacking

Vladmir Putin denies Russian Hackers interferring in U.S. Elections

PBS Newshour: What the World Thinks about U.S. elections from Europe

Canadians on the U.S. elections and presidential candidates 

Will the next U.S. president be an insane millionaire with a loud mouth or the secretary of state, former first lady who is popular. Yet she is unlike by a good amount of people (including the feminists) for her email scandals, her husbands' previous scandals, going the extra mile to win the votes, overemphasising the fact that she may be the first female candidate. There are third parties candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein but they are marginalized. In particulary, Johnson was showcased as a brainless politician Foreign policy problems and issues. The media has already made it seemed that Hillary has won the elections by default due to the positive polls. However, polls and electoral maps are mostly predictions and estimations not necessarily the final result.

Al Jazeera: Clinton and Trump on Palestine

Clinton caught admitting she wanted to rig Palestinian elections

A Brutally exhausting elections for the public and candidates

This election has been one of the craziest in every sense of the word compared to any other U.S. election. Only the 1828 election between Andrew Jackson and John Adams comes close. Both Adams and Jackson traded gabs and cursed one another. But even their debates and words were milded compared to the name calling, childish taunting, foul words, sex and email scandals produced by both Trump and Clinton over the past year. Bernie Sanders was more of a favourite for a majority of young Americans but was bumped out of the way by Hillary Clinton who insisted on being the ultimate and only Democratic choice for President. Donald Trump, who is by trade a media personality, has benefited from non stop free publicity for his campaign and himself. Everyone knows the life stories of both candidates and what makes them who they are. Their scandals and mal educados (bad behavior) do not need to be re emphasized or restated as every American media networks and radio station has covered those areas to death. The political ads have annoyed many voters and undecided as well.

Monday, 7 November 2016

Calais Dismantled: Migrants resettled across France but some migrants remain stubbornly

The long standing refugee camp in Calais nicknamed "the Jungle" has been dismantled entirely after its existance for more than 5 years. Once home to 10,000 migrants a combination of men, women and some 1,000 unaccompanied children, many migrants are now going through the process of being resettled across France. Many of the Jungle residents were hoping to reach Britain in the near future. It is worth noting that some migrants have relatives and immediate family members in Britain. While many more are hoping to seek asylum and refugee status in the UK no matter which city or town they end up in. The thousands of migrants will be settled in small villages and towns from the South of France to North. Some hundreds of migrants have stubbornly refuse to leave and some have chosen to stay in a hidden camp nicknamed the "Little Jungle" in hopes of getting to Britain. A few migrants have given up and decided to seek asylum in France. For the migrants who do have family in France and UK, their process for asylum or family reunification may be less hectic than for other migrants. They should be allowed to join their families in the UK. Especially the unaccompanied minors some 620+ have UK relatives. Many migrants and refugees represent Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Libya to name a few countries. There is more men than women and children who were former residents of the Calais Jungle now being processed and will ahve the choice on what French region to stay in. Many of the migrants and refugees are the results of the ongoing intervention of NATO in Libya (Africa's richest and developed country), Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. It's not surprising that millions of people are migrating out of their countries to safety to the countries responsible for the destruction of Middle East, Libya and Afghanistan. In the 1990s, Yugoslavia experienced its own destruction by NATO and a joint EU-U.S. peacekeeping/intervention force. It took a whole decade for Yugoslavia to dissolve into 6 republics, first through the brutal wars of independence in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and later Kosovo. A large influx of Yugoslavs, Croatians, Serbians and Kosovars Christians and Muslims also migrated . YIf Americans, Europeans and Australians were in the migrants and refugees places, they'd be on foot in a heartbeat heading to a secure country.

Paris Refugee Camp in Stalingrad Place


A new refugee camp named "Calais Bis" has grown over the last months at Stalingrad Place or Stalingrad Plaza in Paris. Ironically, Stalingrad is most famous for being the turning point success of  Russian victory against Nazi German incursions into Russia during the height of the 1942 Russian winter. It is also the former name of the Russian City Volgograd. It is only appropriate that "Calais Bis" residents are making their stand at Stalingrad Place. The capital of France known for its scenery and amour, has been witnessing ongoing protests by everyone from students and police officers to pro Palestine supporters to union workers. Now the new protesters have not only set up camp (pun intended) but has refused to move anywhere else. The refugees and migrants now at the Paris camp have real and genuine grievances about their current limbo in France. Some Parisians and other French people are equally annoyed by the migrants arrival.

Muslim migrants in France is an ancient story

Painting of the Battle of Tours fought by Charles Martel, Charlemagne's grandfather and General Adulrahman of Moorish Army from Spain.

France has witnessed historical patterns of Muslim migrants moving in and out and up and down the country. The first time Muslims (Moors, Berbers and Arabs) came to France than known as Gaul was in 732AD as part of a Moorish Army from neighbouring Al Andulas in today's Spain. The Moors had to pacify Frankish and Spanish troops in Catalonia, Pyranees, Toulouse and Southern France on their way towards Tours. The Moors alongside in the Ummayad Empire were planning to expand their empire and rule in Europe by going up through France. The Battle of Tours which the Frankish army won was the first "panic attack" that Frankish society experienced upon hearing of the battles by the Muslim Army for the first time in its territory. Charles Martel, the victor of the battle was the grandfather of Charlemagne, the unifier of much of Europe and the Holy Roman Empire. The first Crusades were also declared in France in 1095. This was 29 years after William the Conqueror and Normans (France) won the Battle of Hastings in their conquest of Britain. A majority of the crusaders came from France and from other parts of Europe. Many Crusaders in Syria, Palestine and Lebanon were simply referred to as Franks or Faranji even if they weren't from France itself. Muslim migrants would continue to come into France as soldiers and more as migrants. Moroccan, Senegalese and Algerian soldiers fought as part of the French colonial Army in the World War I and World War II. Their sacrifices were overlooked and downplayed for much of the 20th century until recently. Even when African countries gained independence, many colonial collaborators especially in Algeria, known as the Harkis immigrated to France in 1960s. Over the past 50 years Muslim migrants have continued to move around and enter France and Europe as a result of their own choice, economic crisis and the current ongoing wars in Africa and Asia. In spite of the history, the French government acts as though migration is something totally new in today's society.

The Sci Fi book about mass migration into France

The French right wing and their cousins: PEGIDA, Danish People's Party, British National Party, English Defence League, Alternative for Germany, Vrijheid Party in Netherlands, Greece's Golden Dawn have used the migration flows as a cause celebre for their raison d' etre. No matter if the migrants in France or other parts of Europe are 300, 10,000 or 1 million, the migrants are portrayed as a nightmarish "Islamic invasion" of Europe by the Third World. It was French author Jean Raspail in his prophetic book Camp of the Saints who painted a similar scenario of mass migration into Europe and Calais Jungle camp in the 1970s. The 91 year old Raspail is still shocked that his imagined prediction came true. Ironically, Europe countries relied on the same third world or Global South migrants from Turkey, South Asia, Caribbean and Africa to build up its own economies and country's infrastructure in the immediate aftermath of World War II. Europeans expected the migrant labourers dubbed guest workers to go home after Europe began to enjoy the fruits of the labour. However, the migrants stayed and had generations of children and now grandchildren born across Europe. The new migrants are joining the British, French and Germans of migrant backgrounds. There are British people whose ancestors came from Asia and Africa a century ago and they are now third and sometimes fourth generation. However, the Right Wing parties and organizations would have their members and supporters believe that the end of the world is near.

PS: The way migrants' movements across the security states' borders, one would think that Westerners are the only people in the world who are allowed to travel freely. And everyone outside the West must go through multiple tribulations just to get a visa and travel legally into Fortress Europe or the finicky U.S. and Australia. This would also include Russians and Chinese tourists who have been visiting Europe, United States, African countries and Australia. .